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What is the electromagnetic induction principle? (How the electromagnetic induction principle used in water quality analyzer)
According to Faraday"s law of electromagnetic induction, when the conductor in a magnetic field moves in such way that cutting the magnetic lines the two ends of the conductor will induce electric potential e whose direction is determined according to the right-hand law and strength is proportional to
Magnetic induction intensity B,
the length of conductor in the magnetic field L and the moving speed of conductor u. If  B L and u are vertical to  

each other, eBlu.
In a magnetic field B where the magnetic induction intensity is uniform put a non-magnetic pipe whose diameter is D in vertical direction. When conductive liquid in the pipeline flows at speed u, it’s cutting the magnetic lines. We can set a pair of electrodes in both ends of the pipe’s Cross section. When the fluids in the pipe is flowing as axisymmetric distribution the electric potential will also be induced between electrodes
The Volume flow qv is linear to electric potential e and diameter D meanwhile is inverse to the magnetic induction intensity B (not influenced by other physical parameters). It’s the principle of Electromagnetic Flow meter.
special notes (it’s essential to follow these measuring conditions)

The magnetic field is uniform and constant
The fluid is axisymmetric
The fluid is non-magnetic
Conductivity of the fluid is uniform and isotropic.

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