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Leaders of six national ministries and commissions met together and discussed directly about current food safety problems 2012-3-29
Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress Wu Bangguo emphasized the practical improvement of Food safety situation in our country 2012-3-29
Heavy metals analyzers have become to the focus of the new segment of environmental monitoring during the 12th five-year. 2012-3-29
8 detained for S China's river pollution 2012-2-6
Cadmium pollution to affect 300-km section of river in Guangxi 2012-2-6
Tap water in Liuzhou safe for drinking 2012-2-6
In The First Half Of The National Total Discharge Of Major Pollutants Two Index Dropped 2008-10-29
Zhou ShengXian, Hosted By The Department Of Environmental Protection Executive Meeting 2008-10-29
China International environmental Protection Exhibition To Be Held 2008-10-29
Enviromeng Secretary Stated: A Multi-Pronged Deterrent Illegal Environment 2008-10-29
ShangHai To Improve Pollution Monitoring NetWork On-Line 50 Sewage Treatment Plants To Install Monitoring Equipmeng During The Year 2008-10-29
The most important thing in china is drinking water safety 2008-3-24
Environment protection branch notify the final result about the condition of guizhou province dushan county fatal water pollution 2008-3-24
China government amended the law of water pollution prevention & cure, privately release wasting water will be punished seriously. 2008-3-24
China environment protection branch established 2008-3-24
China state government prime minister: wen jiabao issued saving energy and reduce emission for strengthening environment protection 2008-3-24
Exhibition of emergency monitoring instrument.. 2012-3-29
Ministry of Environmental Protection, Chinese.. 2012-3-29
Shanghai UniBanner Instrument Co., Ltd. and B.. 2012-3-29
The Third IFAT Beginning On Sept.23-25TH At S.. 2008-10-29
Isco"S U.S. Vice Prestident Of Global Compani.. 2008-10-29
Board chairman of LAR, Dr. WERNER ARTS arrive.. 2008-3-7
Congratulations on Shanghai Uni-Banner Instru.. 2008-3-7
ISCO Global Director and General Manager for .. 2008-3-7
Claus Schmidt, General Manager for China of L.. 2008-3-7
Palintest president Joe 2008-3-7
UK Flow-Mon signed cooperative agency contrac.. 2008-3-7
Deputy president of American ISCO, VIKAS and .. 2008-3-7
President of American ISCO, Dr. DAVID KENNEDY.. 2008-3-7
Sales Director of our company met his old fri.. 2008-3-7
UK Flow-Mon business manager came to our comp.. 2008-3-7
See you at No. A022 of Everbright Exhibition .. 2008-3-7
International Instrumentation Exhibition succ.. 2008-3-7
Our corporation sent personnel to North Ameri.. 2008-3-7
German LAR Corporation President Werner visit.. 2008-3-7
The impression of Xitang 2008-3-7
Our corporation sent personnel to North Ameri.. 2008-3-7
Our corporation sent personnel to Germany and.. 2008-3-7
The colleagues of our corporation went to LAR.. 2008-3-7
British staff from Palintest company came to .. 2008-3-7
Our staff visited ISCO as invited and receive.. 2008-3-7
AMETEKGlobal Sales Director Arrived at our co.. 2008-3-7
Global Marketing Manager of Automation Instru.. 2008-3-7
Visit to Southwest Municipal Engineering Desi.. 2008-3-7
Our Company Took Part in Water Quality Automa.. 2008-3-7
Our personnel to shanghai wai gaoqiao headqua.. 2008-3-7
Shanghai uni-banner Instruments Limited atten.. 2008-3-7
The technical seminar of East China Electric .. 2008-3-7
Our corporation attended the Seventh Internat.. 2008-3-7
Technical Lecture Went Smooth in Minxing Wate.. 2008-3-7
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